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If you store multimedia files and documents from your smartphone or tablet on your desktop or laptop, then you need a good tool to help you move the files from one place to another quickly, conveniently, and safely.

With Wondershare MobileGo, you can download, manage, import, or export all sorts of elements, from music, photos, and videos, to PDF files, system elements, and any other thing you need to send from one device to another. Make backup copies and restore your device thanks to the data stored on your PC with Wondershare MobileGo.

From this program, you can also manage some tools like messaging apps and send WhatsApp messages or even change settings and play your favorite games on your computer's screen. See notifications quickly and manage everything happening on your smartphone in real time thanks to Wondershare MobileGo.
Four (+1) alternatives to AirDroid on Android

Recently we celebrated the arrival of a new version of AirDroid, which is probably the best app out there for controlling your Android from a PC. It was a welcome change given that its new interface conforms to Material Design standards. Everything was going fine until Zimperium, a firm focused on business mobile security, detected problems that put users' data at risk. Panic spread like wildfire, although the ensuing days have shown that it might not be quite so big of a deal. [Editor's Update: The security issues have been resolved as of December 15.] We get, though, that you might still have worries about AirDroid – heck, I do myself – so here are four alternatives (plus an extra) to this popular app.
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